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How to Be More of Who You Really Are At Work

freedom leadership power Oct 16, 2021

Have you ever felt like you wear a mask at work? Or that there's the work you and the real you?

Or do you feel stressed, frustrated, or just a bit flat?

Do you feel like there should be *more* somehow at work - more ease, more inspiration, more connection, more fun, more creativity?

Then this is the conversation for you. Let's talk about being more of who you really are at work.

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The Tools Don't Matter

coaching leadership Mar 01, 2021

Ken Norton just sent a great newsletter, titled 'The Tools Don't Matter'.

Here's an excerpt:

"if I give you advice, you just might follow it. More to the point, if I engage you in this conversation, I’m lending credence to the misguided belief that PM tools matter MORE than other fuzzier things that truly are important." 

I recall when I started creating a PM training program, I signed up to various PM Slack communities to learn from my customers. 

I found what Ken highlights: Many questions about tools, details, methodologies. Few questions about what really mattered. 

But these downstream decisions emerge from fuzzy things upstream. Things like awareness, clarity, intuition, connection, courage, communication, creativity. 

Fuzziness makes people uncomfortable. 

In my coaching work with leaders, we rarely talk about tools and details. 

We talk about how they work, how they think, what they believe, how they see the world, what is driving their...

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