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The YOU You Could Be

You know that definition of hell?
"On your last day on earth, the person you are will meet the person you could have been."
Here's the thing...
Just as the butterfly is already in the caterpillar, the YOU who you could be is already in you.
But unlike the caterpillar, we humans have the powerful ability to stop our own metamorphosis.
And the way our society is set up, the way schools and jobs work, we have been trained to define ourselves in narrow terms and stay that way.
For most of my life, I lived a life of avoidance, playing safe so I wouldn't get hurt. I became masterful at hiding and pleasing, playing by others' rules.
That comes with a heavy price.
We pay the price every day, in each moment that we do that.
We can recognize it by the constriction and tightness in ourselves... the sense of something wanting to be freed, like a bird in a cage.
I write this not to your head, but to your heart. Indeed, to your soul.
Now, nobody can go through the metamorphosis for you.
But I can tell you a few pointers as a coach, and as a human with a lifetime of stopping myself:
🔸 You need the Willingness to see yourself with radical honesty, and admit what is and isn't working
🔸 You need the Courage to let your old structures go so you can allow something exponentially better
🔸 The caterpillar needs a cocoon. You need the Space, the safe container, to allow this to happen. My coaches created this for me. I create this for my clients
🔸 You may not recognize yourself after the metamorphosis, and yet you'll be more essentially you than you've ever been. And in that, you'll find more happiness, freedom, ease, connection, and self-expression
🔸 Your metamorphosis will touch every area of your life - family, friends, work, and deepen your ability to share your gifts with the world
🔸 And... there is no final state. Just an invitation to continue the journey, for the sheer joy of it
Are you up for that?

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