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Principle #4 - Live In Your User's Reality (21 Days Of Principles Used By Successful Product Leaders)

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2018

Let's continue highlighting 21 product principles that help us to make better decisions and build better products.

Today it's...


Live In Your User's Reality

Some people just have loads of natural empathy. Others... less so. But even for each person, it's not always the same. It changes from situation to situation, and relationship to relationship.

It's easier to have lots of empathy for people you love. It's harder to have empathy for someone who's nothing like you.

The good news is that just like a muscle, empathy can be developed.

To create great products, we need to strengthen that empathy for our user.

It's one thing to understand intellectually what someone is going through.

But hearing them talk about it deepens that understanding.

Watching them go through it deepens it even more.

And nothing compares to going through it yourself.

The closer you can get to actually living in their reality, the more empathy and insight you'll have. And then you'll create better products that in rooted in reality.

It's vital that you can do that as a product leader. But you also want to help everyone develop it, across the whole company. If you can do that, you'll naturally get alignment and shared purpose. And everything gets so much easier.

Questions you can use to start applying this principle:

  • What does our user say?
  • What does our user think?
  • What does our user feel?
  • How can I observe my user's journey?
  • How can I experience that journey myself?
  • How can I get to know them so well that I can write a page in their diary?

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