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My Most Memorable Birthday Gift

coaching heart Jan 31, 2022

30th November 2006 - my most memorable birthday gift.

I woke up on my 28th birthday and rolled over to check my laptop, as I always did, to check how much money I had made.

That year, I had created a network of 2000 websites and gotten them to rank in Google for all sorts of keywords, in order to generate ad revenue. I was feeling good, as they had generated over $1,000 the previous day.

When the report appeared, I froze.

Reported revenue was $0.00.



I checked my traffic report, and my sites had received no visitors.

They were all dead.

I felt cold even as my heart raced.

There must have been some mistake.

But even as I scrambled and my mind struggled to look for hope, I knew what had happened.

I searched for my websites in Google and found no trace of them. They had been purged.

Hundreds of hours, months of work, completely erased.

I felt horrible, empty - but worse than that, I knew it was what I deserved.

I had created no value - my sites were junk sites filled with recycled content, created just to generate revenue.

I had tried to fool myself and the world, and I had been seen through.

Looking back now - that crash to zero was a gift.

I had been living in a fearful dream and was willing to survive by any means.

That crash woke me up.

It started me down the path of listening to my heart.

My heart wants to create something of value, to know who I am free of fear, to live a life that expresses the best of me.

Don't get me wrong - there have been many more dreams and awakenings since then, and there will be more.

But now I know where this path leads, and it's the most amazing journey possible.

I invite you to reflect - if there's a dream that has you trapped, what might it be, and what would happen if you awaken from it?

If you want to explore any of this, let me know.

Happy travels.


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