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Forget Goals — This Is What You Really Need To Be Successful

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2021

You might miss the big opportunities if you over-focus on what you think you know.

If you had been born in 17th-century London, you could only have expected to live for 35 years.

Doctors didn’t know what caused diseases, but there were lots of theories. And the main suspect? Bad smells.

So when the Great Plague of 1665 swept in, the authorities advised people to fumigate their homes and keep the windows closed.

They ordered fires in the streets to purify the air.

Doctors tried to protect themselves with full bodysuits and flowers and herbs stuffed into beak-like masks.

Still, these tactics didn’t stop the disease from spreading. Over 100,000 people died — almost a quarter of the city’s population.

What were they missing?

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Forget Goals - This Is What You Really Need To Be Successful


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