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THIS Is how transformation occurs

coaching transformation Feb 02, 2022

What is transformation? It's not moving things around or adding or removing things in your life.

If the circumstances of your life change but you're the same, there's no transformation.

Transformation means YOU evolve as a person.

This is what it looks like.


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My Most Memorable Birthday Gift

coaching heart Jan 31, 2022

30th November 2006 - my most memorable birthday gift.

I woke up on my 28th birthday and rolled over to check my laptop, as I always did, to check how much money I had made.

That year, I had created a network of 2000 websites and gotten them to rank in Google for all sorts of keywords, in order to generate ad revenue. I was feeling good, as they had generated over $1,000 the previous day.

When the report appeared, I froze.

Reported revenue was $0.00.



I checked my traffic report, and my sites had received no visitors.

They were all dead.

I felt cold even as my heart raced.

There must have been some mistake.

But even as I scrambled and my mind struggled to look for hope, I knew what had happened.

I searched for my websites in Google and found no trace of them. They had been purged.

Hundreds of hours, months of work, completely erased.

I felt horrible, empty - but worse than that, I knew it was what I deserved.

I had created no value - my sites were junk sites filled with recycled...

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What Are You Overlooking?

Overheard between son (6) and daughter (9) on the sofa.

Son smiling, "I think I'm cheekier than you".

Daughter, looking at him thoughtfully,

"I think we have the same cheekiness. You just use it more."

I recently did a fun and powerful exercise with other coaches where we highlighted qualities in ourselves that we wanted to bring out.

Then we role-played taking on those qualities.

And the amazing thing is, whether it was cheekiness, creativity, boldness, power, compassion, lightness, or vulnerability - everyone could harness those qualities simply by CHOOSING to do so.

Even if they felt unfamiliar.

That indicates that they were always there.

As I continue this journey, I keep uncovering qualities in myself and in others, that have been hidden or ignored.

One executive had gotten used to leaving his heart at home.

Another had locked away joy and freedom.

I myself believed the lie that I was missing power and connection, and that's just for starters.

Unsurprisingly, we wander around feeling...

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The YOU You Could Be

You know that definition of hell?
"On your last day on earth, the person you are will meet the person you could have been."
Here's the thing...
Just as the butterfly is already in the caterpillar, the YOU who you could be is already in you.
But unlike the caterpillar, we humans have the powerful ability to stop our own metamorphosis.
And the way our society is set up, the way schools and jobs work, we have been trained to define ourselves in narrow terms and stay that way.
For most of my life, I lived a life of avoidance, playing safe so I wouldn't get hurt. I became masterful at hiding and pleasing, playing by others' rules.
That comes with a heavy price.
We pay the price every day, in each moment that we do that.
We can recognize it by the constriction and tightness in ourselves... the sense of something wanting to be freed, like a bird in a cage.
I write this not to your head, but to your heart....
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How to Be More of Who You Really Are At Work

freedom leadership power Oct 16, 2021

Have you ever felt like you wear a mask at work? Or that there's the work you and the real you?

Or do you feel stressed, frustrated, or just a bit flat?

Do you feel like there should be *more* somehow at work - more ease, more inspiration, more connection, more fun, more creativity?

Then this is the conversation for you. Let's talk about being more of who you really are at work.

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The Tools Don't Matter

coaching leadership Mar 01, 2021

Ken Norton just sent a great newsletter, titled 'The Tools Don't Matter'.

Here's an excerpt:

"if I give you advice, you just might follow it. More to the point, if I engage you in this conversation, I’m lending credence to the misguided belief that PM tools matter MORE than other fuzzier things that truly are important." 

I recall when I started creating a PM training program, I signed up to various PM Slack communities to learn from my customers. 

I found what Ken highlights: Many questions about tools, details, methodologies. Few questions about what really mattered. 

But these downstream decisions emerge from fuzzy things upstream. Things like awareness, clarity, intuition, connection, courage, communication, creativity. 

Fuzziness makes people uncomfortable. 

In my coaching work with leaders, we rarely talk about tools and details. 

We talk about how they work, how they think, what they believe, how they see the world, what is driving their...

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Forget Goals — This Is What You Really Need To Be Successful

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2021

You might miss the big opportunities if you over-focus on what you think you know.

If you had been born in 17th-century London, you could only have expected to live for 35 years.

Doctors didn’t know what caused diseases, but there were lots of theories. And the main suspect? Bad smells.

So when the Great Plague of 1665 swept in, the authorities advised people to fumigate their homes and keep the windows closed.

They ordered fires in the streets to purify the air.

Doctors tried to protect themselves with full bodysuits and flowers and herbs stuffed into beak-like masks.

Still, these tactics didn’t stop the disease from spreading. Over 100,000 people died — almost a quarter of the city’s population.

What were they missing?

Click below to read the full article:

Forget Goals - This Is What You Really Need To Be Successful

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How To Evolve Into An Exponential Product Manager (Part 1)

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2020

Highly effective Product Managers develop themselves in 5 key areas.

In this (long!) article, we’re going to start with the big picture, chop it up, then look at 2 approaches to grow rapidly in each area.

Let’s tuck in…

What makes for a highly effective Product Manager?

We’ll start, as many philosophical discussions do, with a burger. At a high level, let’s formulate a PM’s effectiveness as:

Effectiveness = Hard Skills x Soft Skills

I like to translate Hard Skills to Competence, and Soft Skills to Connection, so we have:

Effectiveness = Competence x Connection

Competence means you have the skills and knowledge to figure out what to do, and Connection is the energy source that enables you to do it.

In some jobs, you can get by with just Competence, but in the unkempt, fuzzy, team-oriented domain of Product Management, you need both.

Now, let’s have a closer look to see what these buns...

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Principle #4 - Live In Your User's Reality (21 Days Of Principles Used By Successful Product Leaders)

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2018

Let's continue highlighting 21 product principles that help us to make better decisions and build better products.

Today it's...


Live In Your User's Reality

Some people just have loads of natural empathy. Others... less so. But even for each person, it's not always the same. It changes from situation to situation, and relationship to relationship.

It's easier to have lots of empathy for people you love. It's harder to have empathy for someone who's nothing like you.

The good news is that just like a muscle, empathy can be developed.

To create great products, we need to strengthen that empathy for our user.

It's one thing to understand intellectually what someone is going through.

But hearing them talk about it deepens that understanding.

Watching them go through it deepens it even more.

And nothing compares to going through it yourself.

The closer you can get to actually living in their reality, the more empathy and insight you'll have. And then you'll create better...

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Principle #3 - Make Your User Awesome (21 Days Of Principles Used By Successful Product Leaders)

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2018

Let's continue highlighting 21 product principles that help us to make better decisions and build better products.

Today it's...


Make Your User Awesome

Now you know who your target user is. But it's time to go deeper.

What is her current situation, and where does she want to get to?

Kathy Sierra talks about making users awesome, and that's a great way to think about it. Your outcome is a user who feels better in some way.

The core driver is always emotion. People will tell you that they make decisions based on logic. Don't believe them :) Logic only backs up the emotion.

Your user wants to be able to create a great looking presentation. Why?

So she can feel good about her contribution.

So she can feel recognised.

So she can feel successful.

Now often your user is thinking in terms of surface level wants or needs, and is unaware of what's deeper. That's why you can't just ask her directly.

You need to keep talking, observing, probing, and learning about the chain of...

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