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"If I had to describe Ethan in the simplest terms, it would be master coach."

Tim T - Product, MBA
Clients include leaders from:

You Are Here To Be Exponential

Hi, I'm Ethan. I work with leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs and help them create deep, lasting breakthroughs to get what they want out of themselves and this ONE life.

I see brilliant people hold themselves back, disconnect from life, burn out, live in fear, and settle for so much less than they deserve. I was one of them.

My coaching goes beyond traditional goals and challenges, to the core of being. I am fiercely devoted to helping my clients wake up to life, to who they are, and to live from their true potential.

If you're ready for transformation and willing to do the work, I'm here to show you who you really are.

Exponential Coaching

Realize your true potential

 If you want to increase your impact, operate at your best, create lasting breakthroughs, and discover what's really possible for you, let's talk. One conversation can change everything.


"Ethan's guidance has helped me step into a much more grounded, authentic, effective, and FULFILLED Product Manager and human being. Throughout our sessions, Ethan was incredible at guiding deep self reflections and helping me discover wonderful wisdom and insights that continue to help me show up as the best version of myself every single day. There are several things that used to affect my ability to be who I wanted to be that are 100% no longer issues for me and will never get in my way again (or if they do, I know exactly how to deal with them). It is this lasting change that I most value about Ethan's impact on my life. I still hear his voice and reminders in my head each day. I'm truly grateful."

Kwame Johnson, M.D.
Lead Product Manager, ex-Google, ex-Microsoft

"I had just started my dream role and there were big life changes going on in my life. I was concerned that the same habits of self-doubt, fear, and uncertainty would cripple my chance to seize the moment I had worked so hard for. I came to Ethan looking for tips and tricks on how to move the performance needle in my professional and personal life. Through our sessions, I realized I gained way more valuable resources. I learned so much about myself and learned to see my challenges and opportunities in a whole new way. To say Ethan's coaching has been transformative for me would be an understatement. I've elevated my state of thinking beyond what I could ever imagine."

Chika Umeadi
Product Manager, Google

"Being coached by Ethan.... was the single most important thing I have done for my professional life."

Dimitris Tzortzis
Head of Product, Viral Loops

"When I retained Ethan, I asked him to help me change careers. Instead, he helped me change myself and the entire trajectory of my life. With humble and precise inquiry, Ethan illuminated the internal obstacles that were paralyzing my professional progress and helped me re-engage my goals from a new, liberated perspective. Working with Ethan has unquestionably been the most effective thing I have ever done to reach my professional objectives. I only wish I would have met him years earlier! "

Lisa Lewallen

"Working with Ethan has been an inspiring journey. While he has guided me on each step, the realizations I’ve made about navigating the challenges within my life have come from within. Ethan offered me new perspectives on old problems, helping me identify and unwind suboptimal patterns in many aspects of my life. As a result, I’m making big decisions more effortlessly, and the same goes for small decisions I used to turn into big decisions. I’ve already recommended him to friends and family and feel confident he can help anybody with an open mind, navigate positive change within their life!"

Director of Product

"Thanks for this conversation. It was really inspirational for me. You are an awesome coach. Not only your questions and the whole flow of your conversation, but your personality."


"Worked with Ethan last year, and I have such amazing results with simply a different mindset."

Senior Product Manager at one of Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World

"My interactions with you have been transformative for my personal and professional life."

Product Manager at EdTech company

"What a profound learning. I never thought that way. I am getting a feeling that nothing is impossible. "

Product Manager at 'Big 5' Tech company

"When I took the program I felt like I was Neo being awakened by Morpheus. You take the red pill and you understand everything you were seeing was the Matrix, while not understanding what is the code behind. Ethan was able to help to calm me down and stop thinking about too many things at the same time and focus."

Product Manager at an award-winning software company

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